Las Vegas Newborn Photographer session details and session information

what to expect

when to schedule

It is never too early to schedule your newborn session with Purest Light Photography. In fact the best time to contact Susan is before you have your baby. Because your baby’s birth date is unpredictable Susan will reserve a general time frame for you. When your sweet little bundle arrives Susan will expect a phone call and a session date and time will be made.  Susan prefers to photograph newborns around 5 days old. Babies older than 2 weeks tend to be less cooperative and sleep less soundly. Newborn issues such as colic and newborn acne tend to flair up around two weeks as well.

your session

Newborn sessions can last from 2-4 hours, allowing plenty of time to feed and comfort.  All newborn sessions are done in Susan’s studio to allow for proper climate, lighting and to have access to all of her props and set ups.